Go Go Brazil!

Thursdays 11 & 18 February 2021


This tasting runs over two sessions, from 7pm – 8pm each evening. The ticket price of £25 covers both sessions and is per household, not per person. We’ll open three wines each night, but they’ll drink just as well over the next couple of days so nothing will be wasted.

You are welcome to attend, but now that will be without the accompanying wines.

Naming South America’s most prominent wine producing countries is easy; by now even those with only a modest interest in wine will have tasted a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc or Argentine Malbec. But still relatively under the radar is Brazil. In fact, Brazil holds third spot in South American wine production, with a fine wine industry and appreciative local fan base. That’s perhaps not so surprising given that Brazil has the world’s fifth largest population, dwarfing Argentina and Chile.

It may come as a surprise that Brazil has the conditions for quality wine production, with our image of the Amazon rain forest, or the sandy beaches of Rio. But travel to the deep south of this huge country and the latitude, altitude and climate are ideal for wine production. Now’s your chance to get to know these fascinating wines for yourself (with a massive discount) courtesy of our wine supplier for this tasting, specialist importer of Brazilian wines, Go Brazil Wines.

The £23.89 discount on having our six bottles delivered anywhere on mainland UK means your tasting ticket is basically free. We’ll take in Brazil’s most important wine regions, varieties and styles, with a Sparkling Rosé, a tangy white Moscato and a Viognier of world class. Onto the reds, we’ll begin with a juicy unoaked Merlot, then a cracking three-grape blend of Tempranillo, Malbec and Tannat, finishing with a fascinating Brazilian take on Northern Italy’s Teroldego variety.


Go Go Brazil ticket

This tasting is split into two sessions on 11th & 18th February 2021, from 7pm - 8:15pm. Ticket price covers both sessions and is per household, not per person. Accompanying wines no longer available.

Optional wine preservation kit available at checkout.