Wine preservation kit

Perfect for our tastings, the kit comprises a top quality pump with three stoppers from Vacu Vin, designed to seal and preserve wine in opened bottles, plus one special stainless steel stopper for preserving Champagne and all sparkling wines.

We typically open three bottles in each session of our tastings, and although any wine will stay fresh if stored overnight in a cool place, our kit should keep your wine fresh for up to 10 days.  The concept is simple: oxygen is the enemy of open bottles of wine, so a re-usable rubber bung is inserted into the bottle and the pump used to remove the oxygen. An audible click indicates when the vacuum has been formed and the bung automatically seals.

The pressure in sparkling wines can cause a cork or bung to pop back out, but our stainless steel Champagne stopper overcomes that with its clamp system that stays firmly in place until released.

Wine preservation kit, £19.99 including UK mainland delivery. Please contact us for overseas delivery options. Choose quantity at checkout stage.

Wine preservation kit

Prices in British Pounds Sterling.


Wine and Food service aprons

Tom is delighted to offer these beautiful and practical aprons for sale. Perfect for the cook or the wine waiter in the family, the aprons are embroidered ‘Festival of Wine’.

Our aprons are top quality and come in a fetching Burgundy colour. As tough as old boots, they are designed for the hospitality industry and are machine washable and colour-fast at 60ºC, crease resistant and quick drying, with adjustable halter and waist ties

Environmentally-friendly? That’s the ethos of these garments: polyester based, each one is made from recycled plastic bottles – though you would never know with the weighty but soft feel of the finished fabric. You will be guaranteed fashion icon status as you strut your stuff round the kitchen, barbecue or wine tasting table wearing one of this season’s hottest garments.

One apron £12.99 including UK mainland delivery.  Please contact us for overseas delivery options. Choose quantity at checkout stage.

Apron with embroidered logo