Shiny new website!

Having published for 25 years, and run hugely popular Festivals of Wine for over a decade, the changing landscape brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has led many of us to move our acitivies online. As part of that, over the past few months I have attended dozens of really enjoyable wine tasting sessions, both professionally with winemakers from around the globe, and personally with wine-loving friends.

Many of us will have come to appreciate how easy it is to arrange an online get-together using Zoom video conferencing, and adding some wine tasting into the mix can only make things even better! So I have launched my programme of online tastings and courses, which I hope many people will attend and enjoy. For each I will be selecting wines to taste, which will be delivered direct to your door by top independent wine merchants.

We’ve just run our first session with wines for summer and it was great fun, with happy participants enjoying my presentation of each wine, but then plenty of interactive debate and questions and answers from the whole online group of attendees. Part wine tasting, part one big online party, the feedback is that people can’t wait for the next one!

I hope you will join me online for a futute event.