Tom’s online wine course

I first started delivering wine education courses way back in the early 1990s, running night-school classes at the University of Glasgow, and my own classes in the city centre. The classes always went down very well with the students, my philosophy being to cover the topic properly, with enough depth and expertise, but to make sure it was entertaining and enjoyable too – nobody wants to be lectured at when they are giving up an hour or so of their evening :).

Over the many Zoom sessions I have hosted since lockdown I’ve been surprised by how easy it has been to create a similar atmosphere of learning, but in a convivial, friendly atmosphere. So I decided to re-write my wine appreciation course from scratch, adding in some practical excercises (in the form of wine tasting) and offer it online.

The course will go back to the basics of ‘What is Wine’, with its historical development and how exactly a bunch of grapes becomes a bottle of wine, but will go on to explore so many factors that go into wine, how so many different styles have developed, and how the ‘Old World’ and ‘New World’ differ. We’ll also look at the secrets of Natural Wine, how sparkling, sweet and rosé wines are made, how to read a wine label, and of course, wine and food matching.

Each of our five weekly sessions will end with a tasting. I will explain how to taste a wine in order to build your own knowledge and experience, and we’ll discuss the properties of each wine. A case of six tastings wines has been chosen specifically to illustrate each week’s theme.

It’s such a shame that ongoing Covid-19 restrictions mean most of us cannot enjoy our normal social life, but the wine course will be a really enjoyable way to spend an hour or so each Tuesday evening between November 17th and December 15th, in the company of like-minded wine enthusiasts. I hope you will join me.

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