Tasting Programme

Sunday 6 December

Join us for this fun evening of wine-themed entertainment. Tickets cost £5 per household (not per person). Questions on wine, yes, but also wine in the movies, music, history and more. A prize for the winner? Oh yes, there’s a prize…

Thursdays 11 & 18 Feb 2021

It may come as a surprise that Brazil, land of rain forests and beaches, also has wonderful conditions for wine in the south of the country. We’ll taste the quality of their sparkling, white and red wines, from the country’s top producers.

2021. Dates to be confirmed

Burgundy inspires a fanatical following. We’ll taste two classics: Chablis and Beaune, comparing with top Chardonnay & Pinot from other regions  and, using the theory of, “if you like that, try this,” two interesting alternatives.

2021. Dates to be confirmed

This virtual tour of Italy travels from north to south, passing through six regions and exploring indigenous grape varieties. We’ll taste Arneis from Piedmont, Vermentino from Sardinia, Montepulciano from Abruzzo and more.

Coming Soon

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£13.99 delivered

Our wine preservation kit is perfect for our tastings, where we normally open three bottles in a session. Consisting of a vacuum pump, three bottle stoppers and a stainless steel stopper especially designed to preserve sparkling  wines.