Tom Cannavan Online Tasting Programme

Some superb Sauvignons exist in New Zealand, but we’ll explore how the story really has moved on to different styles, grape varieties and regions. New Zealand is far from a one trick pony, with excitement across its islands.

The subject of biodynamic wines is highly controversial, yet the system is practiced by many of the world’s top wine estates. In a tasting of six biodynamic wines Tom will explain the concepts as we taste the results in the glass

Join Tom in a tasting of six fine wines he has chosen from his own cellar, celebrating the best of classed growth Bordeaux and top wines of Burgundy, with a special treat to finish in the shape of a 31-year-old sweet wine of the Loire.

Each £25 voucher covers the fee for any of our tastings or courses to the value of £25 and is valid for 12 months. You may purchase multiple vouchers. The tasting fee does NOT include the tasting wines which are sold separately.


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Our wine preservation kit is perfect for our tastings, where we normally open three bottles in a session. Consisting of a genuine Vacu Vin vacuum pump with three stoppers and a stainless steel stopper designed to preserve sparkling  wines.

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